Zürich Velokafi – the first coffee drive-in for cyclists

Zürich Velokafi

Zürich presents the first coffee drive-in for cyclists – Velokafi. Making the city a better place for cyclists.

A cycling bug is about to hit Switzerland-  according to the latest statistics. The number of riders is set to double by 2025 around the main urban areas of the country. In response to these predictions Zurich’s council have introduced the Stadtverkehr 2025 program. It aims to improve the city’s pedestrian and cyclist infrastructures, while also reducing traffic in the Swiss city.

Velokafi program is part of this initiative; it is also city’s first ‘drive-in’ for bicycles. Now riders can pull right up to the table on the terrace of Zurich’s popular riverside Rathaus Café.

There, the City Council has installed temporary ‘cycle-friendly’ facilities, which consist of specially designed wooden stations. They ‘lock’ the front wheel of the bike in place, allowing cyclists to remain seated.

Anyone who checks in on Foursquare or Facebook also gets a free cup of coffee, courtesy of Rathaus Café and coffee brand Gipfelstûrmer. It is great when you can enjoy a free drink and not worry about your precious bike getting stolen.

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