ZIB Chamois Panties: The Best Cycling Underwear

b ZIB Cycling Chamois panties

The team at Latvian fashion brand ZIB has created a new kind of cycling underwear for women. The new design is different from the traditional cycling shorts, and is meant to be worn under casual clothing.

Seeing that increasingly more women riding bikes prefer style to speed, ZIB designers combined the latest professional cycling technologies with fashion, creating chamois panties that cyclists can wear under contemporary casual clothing and at the same time feel good even on the most uncomfortable seats.

In order to launch production and worldwide sale of the new chamois sports panties, the ZIB brand has started a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo.com, where any person can support the new venture. The first supporters are to receive their new cycling panties already before Christmas.

a ZIB Cycling Chamois panties

ZIB chamois panties are professionally designed ladies’ cycling underwear, made of the most modern textiles, and meant to be worn under casual clothing – skirts, trousers, shorts. A quality, extra-soft and elastic, Italia-made insert is an integral part of the panties. The panties are made of the gentle DRY-CLIM fabric, and are snug and comfortable.


  • Italian chamois – Perfect for short distance. Perineal area designed to support female anatomy.
  • Moisture wicking, strechy, durable and lightweight DRY-CLIM fabric.
  • ZIB print – Custom made on every cut and sewn piece.
  • Made in Latvia, North Europe.

COMPOSITION 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane and Italian Microfiber Chamois

  • c ZIB Cycling Chamois panties
  • d ZIB Cycling Chamois panties
  • e ZIB Cycling Chamois panties

The panties are made for many different cycling activities, for all four seasons all around the world. They are made for your comfort.

“We have spent the last summer searching for the best fabric and the most suitable chamois testing it in many environments. We have tried it out on daily commuting, leisure rides, sports activities and even horse rides. All these active and joyful women were our advisers. Every feedback helped to develop this product further and reach our goal to create comfy and light panties.”

ZIB cycling underwear project on Indiegogo.com

f ZIB Cycling Chamois panties

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