YERKA – ‘The Unstealable Bike’

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Introducing a bicycle locking system designed to keep you feeling safe. An integrated bike lock that is safe, comfortable, and beautifully designed.

“We went back to the roots of security and made a paradigm shift: “Make a lock out of the bike”. Now a thief would have to cut through the main structure to take the bicycle, defeating the purpose. Not only can you relax knowing your bike is secure, the quality and design of YERKA are unmatched.”

Unlike traditional locks, if a thief tries to steal a Yerka, he would have to break the frame, the most structural part of the bike. The bike would have no use and the thief is left empty-handed.

If by any chance the thief breaks the structure your Yerka was secured to, he won’t be able to ride it. When the frame is in its locking position, blocks the crank set and pedals too, making it impossible to ride. The lock features a reinforced collar over keyway and high security disc-style cylinder for increased protection.

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Anti-Theft Nuts

Special anti-theft nuts on the wheels, that only you have the special key for them, so no one can take them but you. Now you can park your bike anywhere comfortably knowing all its parts will be waiting for you right where you left them.

Beauty is Simplicity

The YERKA design can be applied to any classical frame shape. Unlike foldable or rental bikes, YERKA has a sleek design. The lock is so seamless and integrated we’ll bet no one can tell the difference between YERKA and a classical bike!

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