XTERRAIN – Uber Fat, All Terrain Electric Bicycle

The first electric bike that can ride over soft beach sand, deep snow, high grasss, mud and have interchangeable front wheels!

Wouldn’t it be nice to easily glide over miles and miles of sandy beach in the morning, effortlessly turning the pedals of your bicycle while enjoying sunrise and gentle ocean breeze blowing in your face?


Now you can! Introducing a new, uber-fat tire electric bicycle that can not only ride on soft beach sand, but also roll over deep snow, mud, high grass, gravel, and on any other surface that regular bicycles can’t ride on. Thanks to its extra-large 10-inch wide ATV tires, the new XTERRAIN500 bicycle is the monster of all electric bikes, and surely guaranteed to turn heads not only on a trail, but also on an urban pavement.

Uber-fat tire

Thanks to its extra-large 10-inch wide ATV tires, the new XTERRAIN500 bicycle is the monster of all e-bikes, and surely guaranteed to turn heads not only on a trail, but alson on an urban pavement.


What are the benefits of this Bike?

Regular fat-tire bicycles come with 4-inch wide tires that may be able to ride on packed sand, but not on soft beach sand, which requires significant effort and strong legs. To ride on soft beach sand or any other type of loose ground, such as snow or mud, bicycles need to have much wider tires to increase the total area of contact with a surface, and preferably an electric motor to assist with propulsion.

Regular bicycles are unable to ride on sand because they lose balance on a soft surface. The XTERRAIN’s unique combination of extra wide tires and motor power allows for easy gliding over any type of soft sand, mud, gravel, grass and even deep snow.

Why choose a bicycle that’s capable of riding on sand?

Beaches cover thousands of miles on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Riding on a beach is both pleasant and liberating: no cars around, fresh breeze blowing in your face, and endless beach in front of you. Millions of people in the US live less than one mile away from the Atlantic or Pacific oceans and would appreciate the opportunity to pleasure or sport ride miles and miles along sandy beaches. Plus bicycling on the beach is a great cardio workout!

Bike trails and bicycles boardwalks are limited along the coasts, and many bikers would be happy to avoid sharing the road with unpredictable cars on residential streets and public roads.


Cool Factor

With its enormous front wheel, new XTERRAIN Uber fat bike looks like it eats other bikes for a breakfast. Riding this bike is not only a lot of fun, but also real attention grabber on a street, trail or anywhere else you will show up. You will surely get a lot of wide eyes, “cool bike” and “big mama” shouts from passer byes. Riding XTERRAIN bike is like a riding on a tank, no one would want to get in front of you.

Health Factor

Riding bike along the beach, on a sand or any other soft terrain not only fun, but also great cardio and leg workout. You will need to ride for much more longer to get same benefits riding regular type bicycle on a road. Without using electric motor assist, riding on a soft sand is quite challenging and provide excellent resistance to workout legs muscle into real steel.

Main Specifications:

  • 48V 9Ah Li SAMSUNG battery
  • 500W Motor
  • High quality aluminum rim
  • LED790 display
  • Mechanical TEKTRO disc brakes
  • 6 speeds SHIMANO TURNEY gear
  • RockShox front suspension
  • Aluminum alloy handle bar and stem
  • Semi Aluminum Alloy crank
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • VELO seat
  • Suspension seat post
  • Top speed: 20 mph / 32 kmh
  • Distane 50 miles
  • Control: Throttle/ pedal assist

Lithium ION Technology Rechargeable Battery.

Easily swap out the Lithium Ion battery for a replacement, or recharge the battery to its full charge in a matter of hours. XTERRAIN500 eBike Lithium Ion battery has a max power of 500W with a nominal voltage of 48V. Carry one extra battery with you to go double distance. Our battery is rain resistant, features security key lock, USB charger and LED indicator to easily check power level.

Extra Powerful

XTERRAIN500 eBike pack 500Watts of Electric Power for long Range. XTERRAIN250 eBike comes with 250Watts  of power. XTERRAIN bike has 2 power options: ride on motor power alone, or use motor for ride assist, to help you turn wheels. When bike is used with pedal assist option, riding range can triple, based on how smooth is terrain and speed gear selection. The more leg power you put into the pedal, the longer bike will run on a single battery charge. Up to 50 miles on a city pavement.

Quality and Affordability.

Reasonable pricing with high quality components. We are not thriving to be cheapest fat eBike on a block, but we do use quality components directly from suppliers. Aluminum frame RockShox front fork shock absorbers, Kenda Sport 26×4.5 fat tires, Velo Plush seat with shock absorbing seat posts. XTERRAIN bike does not compromise on an inferior components. By bringing all components directly to supplier we are still able to offer this cool bike at very affordable prices. And don’t forget, that this bike comes with 2nd front wheel to convert it into regular fat tire bike, if so desired. It is like having 2 different bike models for the price of 1!

Pedal Power or Electric Powered.

XTERRAIN eBike has 3 power options – you can either pedal as a regular bike, turn throttle to push bike forward and seat back, relax and enjoy wind in a face, or engage intelligent 3-levels ride assist option, that would help you pedaling much easier and for much longer.

Street Legal

No license is required for riding bicycle, electric or regular. As per US Consumer Product Safety Act, electric bicycles are meeting definition of low-speed are considered consumer products and not a vehicle, due to low speed and electric motor of less than 750Wats. However, please check your local regulations to make sure. Local regulations may vary from state to state.

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