WingLights – Direction Indicators for Cyclists

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Similar to indicators on cars and motorbikes, WingLights makes cyclists visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. WingLights are direction indicator for bicycle that can be magnetically attached on the side of the handlebar and when removed transform in a practical keyring.

WingLights are direction indicators for bicycles that magnetically attach to the end of straight/flat handlebars. Turning on and off with a simple tap, the flashing amber lights pulsate with the same intensity and frequency of car indicators. After use they snap off, clipping together to form a keyring on a carabiner. They turn off automatically after 45 seconds.

Winglights are designed for the straight handlebars (flat bars) and those curved up to 30°. They are not designed to fit drop bars, bullhorn handlebars and cruiser bars.

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How do WingLights attach to the handlebars?

WingLights come with permanent mounts that screw into the ends of the handlebars, replacing the original plugs. Once these are properly fitted, the light units can magnetically clip on to them. The positioning pins must be correctly aligned for the lights to be firmly attached.

Can I install the WingLights mounts myself?

Yes, this is a simple procedure that will only take a few minutes. You firstly remove the existing plugs from the handlebar. If the bar ends are covered with rubber, you must carefully cut through it, allowing space for the mounters. Following this, insert a mounter into the open end of the handlebars and rotate until it becomes tight. Once this is firmly attached, the light unit can now clip on. Simply repeat the process for the other indicator.

Can I use WingLights with twist shifters?

Yes, WingLights can be fitted and used on bicycles with shifters that are mounted on the side of the handlebars.

Shall I continue to use hand signals if I am using WingLights?

WingLights’ purpose is to support and reinforce hand signals, not replace them. Cycling laws vary from country to country, therefore we strongly advise customers to research their country’s signalling and light regulation before use if unsure.

Are WingLights respecting every legal requirement?

Yes, WingLights respect every legal requirement and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

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    Cool, I wish there are two of winglights at the back of the bike too, but then you need some kind of connection between the front and rear indicators


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