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Developed by leading engineering experts in Milan, the Motoairbag® is a precision designed complete airbag system for unbeatable protection, comfort and durability.

The only motorcycle airbag system with the latest EU safety certifications, each vest is hand built using over 100 components, all individually tested under our quality control process using custom built software that acknowledges every component, detail and stage in the manufacturing process.

Compatibility with all motorbikes, the system can be recharged after inflation, is triggered mechanically and has inbuilt controls to prevent unexpected activation. Motoairbag has the fastest inflation time, longest duration of inflation and the best body coverage area available in the market providing superior protection and comfort.

MOTOAIRBAG components, many of which are of military grade, are specifically sourced or hand-made in Milan, offering full supply chain control and integrity. With 8 production stations in the MOTOAIRBAG development process, each has its own quality control stages providing optimum quality control and user confidence.

MOTOAIRBAG has no batteries to replace and it is easy to recharge if ever inflated.  Now with over 10 years on the road, over 10,000 pieces sold, and over 1,000,000 km tested, the MOTOAIRBAG has had proven effectiveness in many real accidents.


  • Inflation – technology Cold explosion patented D.P.I Safety s.r.l- Motoairbag®
  • Activation – Mechanically triggered through activation cable
  • Reliability – Precision mechanical device. Airbag systems are 100% tested and serial numbered for single identification and assistance
  • Inflation time – 80 milliseconds
  • Protection – Motoairbag® provides protection of the spine from the coccyx  to the cervical vertebrae
  • European Certification – EN1621/4:2013 ‘Motorcyclists’ Protective clothing against  mechanical impact: Part 4 Motorcyclist’s inflatable protectors
  • Residual from impact test – 1.4kN +/- 0.1kN
  • Duration of inflation – 30 seconds
  • Recharge – The Motoairbag® vest is fully rechargeable
  • Weight – Single airbag system weighs 800g
  • Textile – Cordura 500® material with mesh inserts providing breathability. Optional high visibility panels
  • Capacity – Total inflation volume is 22 litres


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