Wave movement – A friendly message takes to Austin’s mean streets

Wave movement
Photo Credit To wewave.org

Cyclist. Motorist. Both People.

Both going places. Turns out we aren’t that different. Let’s get along with a wave. Roll nice y’all.

A new project from Austin-based branding firm The Butler Bros offers a simple suggestion for cyclists and motorists trying to traverse the same congested roadways – share a WAVE with each other and “roll nice.”

There’s a new movement in Austin and it’s intended to make both bike riders and motorists more aware of each other, and to promote mutual respect between the two groups. Called WAVE.

The idea was born on a daily bicycle commute from South Austin to The Butler Bros East Austin studios. A simple wave often yielded very positive interaction with drivers Butler encountered, creating a feeling of safety on the many unprotected bike routes to his office.

Cyclist. Motorist. Both people. Both going places. But at some point we made up a story about how different we all are. It’s time to restore some common courtesy to life’s highway. We suggest applying something simple and universal – a wave. See if it doesn’t make your day flow a little more smoothly.

Adam Butler, Austin cyclist, believes one friendly hand gesture can change everything. “We need something to lube this big old crazy machine called ‘getting around’, and I think it’s waving,” Butler says.



Post source : wewave.org

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