Wall Ride Park Dubai – UAE’s first outdoor-indoor mountain bike park

Wall Ride Park Dubai
Photo Credit To wallridepark.com

Wall Ride will be the UAE’s first outdoor-indoor mountain bike park – A park that offer and innovating concept call HYBRID TRACK which is a perfect mix of different ranges of woods, rocks and dirt to make the riding experience more fun, exiting, friendly, modern and safe public leisure facility.

It will boast a wide range of progressive, flowing, bike trails, skill zones, jumps and obstacles, walls – plus an alpine themed bike shop and cafe area.

A centre for all riders

Wall Ride will be designed to accommodate all types of mountain bike and BMX bikes. There will be a wide range of progressive flow courses, jump lines and trails – we are talking loops around the perimeter of a massive area, pumptracks, plenty of fun jumps, a huge foam pit and a fun mixture of drop offs, skill zones, north shore features and wall rides.

We must put into emphasis that Wall Ride is designed for all riders, no matter how much experience they have on a bike. The most important aspect of our design is to make all zones exciting and fun without the feeling of being bored while riding no matter what level of a rider you are. Fun and excitement awaits.

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