Vivid Bike Lock: Wearable Lock + Safety Light

Vivid Bike Lock
Photo Credit To Vivid Bike Lock

It has rear and front LED lights to keep you visible at night. It uses a 4 digit combination lock to protect your bike. The Vivid Lock has 2 fiber core steel cables integrated into its padded strap.

Vivid Lock is the world’s first wearable bike lock with front & rear LED lights, designed to increase rider safety and security.

The concept, design and creation of Vivid Lock was driven primarily by a passion and love of cycling, with a desire to take the safety and security of the cyclist to a new level without complication; along with the need to travel light. With an understanding of what a cyclist needs during travel, Vivid Lock has aimed to be as simplistic as it can without the compromise of safety and security, to ensure you always arrive at your destination safely and prepared.

Vivid Lock uses a customisable 4 digit combination lock. The lock is designed to increase strength and security as well as be compact and comfortable to wear. Vivid Lock has 2 fibre core steel cables integrated in to the padded strap. Vivid Lock allows the user to secure their bike in a variety of ways.

The light modes are changed with the mini controller. It is protected under a clear water resistant PVC strip. The controller is attached to the LED strip and cannot be removed from the strap.

Vivid Lock is constructed using water resistant 1000D nylon, clear PVC and water proof LED strips to ensure it can withstand the harshest cycling conditions. Each Vivid Lock is fitted with both white front and red rear LEDs.

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