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Vintage Electric
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Vintage Electric Bikes was born in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This young bike company is the perfect mix of classic design aesthetic hard wired with modern electric technology. In this feature, eGarage explores how friends began their journey into a venture charged by passion, innovation and freedom.

Vintage ElectricTM designs and manufactures the highest quality personal electric transportation devices available in the market.

Each product embodies American ingenuity, cutting-edge technology, and timeless design. By combining modern technology with classic design elements, Vintage Electric continues to expand the possibilities in the electric transportation industry. Our products are handcrafted and assembled Santa Clara, California.

The E-Tracker

30 Mile Range. 36 MPH in Race Mode. 2 Hour Re-charge.

Evoking the elegant lines of the 1915 “board track racer”, this unique handcrafted personal electric vehicle is faster than any electric cycle currently on the market, providing you with an exhilarating ride anywhere you go. The exceptional performance and impeccable build means you can enjoy this stylish and powerful beauty on everything from a bike path, a winding mountain road, or up a steep city street. It’s a high performance work of art on wheels and an investment in classic design. The E-Tracker is built to stand the test of time while allowing you to elevate your lifestyle in ways you never thought was possible.

  • The E-Tracker blue
  • The E-Tracker gray
  • The E-Tracker green
  • The E-Tracker red

the CRUZ

30 Mile Range. 36 MPH in Race Mode. 2 Hour Re-charge.

Offering the same best-in-class performance as the E-Tracker, the CRUZ leads the industry with a top speed of 36 mph in race mode. Regenerative breaking, coupled with Shimano Alfine hydraulic disk brakes, provides riders with stop-on-a-dime control. In the same fashion as its counterpart, the CRUZ’s top-caliber components include a sandcast aluminum battery box, powerful LED lighting, Phil-Wood front hub, and a Brooks England Ltd leather saddle and grips. A powerful 52-volt battery gives the CRUZ 30 miles of ride capability and requires minimal charge time – it takes just two hours to fully recharge. The stained alder wood frame inlay and cast pewter name badge sings the final note for this model’s signature look, which starts at $4,995.

  • the CRUZ aqua-480
  • the CRUZ cola-480
  • the CRUZ fiesta-480

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