The Viaje bikes – engineered for adventure

Viaje meaning “trip” or “journey” alludes to the spiritual core of why we all ride a bike – to enjoy the journey.

Imagine a road bike that you could ride anywhere? If you see a dirt road, take it. Come across a gravel path—explore it. Ride by some sweet single track? Go for it. Suddenly, without limitations you are free to ride wherever the road takes you, enabling you to find your cycling nirvana, that point on a ride when your head is perfectly clear and everything comes into focus. Reflect on a mountain top, meditate by a river, all knowing your Viaje brought you there.

Volagi’s latest creation, the Viaje, is meant to help you fulfill your need for adventure. More than just our latest bike though, the Viaje is a category defining bicycle that sets the stage for others to follow.


What makes Viaje different?

Its steel frame borrows Volagi Cycles patented Long Bow Flex Stay from our popular Liscio road bike, and capitalizes on the positive ride quality of both in combination with a tapered carbon fork to tame the harshest roads, washboard trails, and rough gravel. The frame also boasts a tapered head tube, and oversized BB386 Evo bottom bracket to get the most power transfer possible. Finally, a standard 27.2 seatpost allows you to pick and choose the best post that suits your needs.

Tires are capable of completely transforming how a bicycle performs, and with the Viaje you can take your pick. 25mm road tires for pavement duties? No problem. 42mm knobbies to tame the roughest single track and gravel? Have at it. You can even fit 32mm tires with full coverage fenders with the integrated rack and fender braze-ons. You’re going to need more tires. But the Viaje is more than just clearance for bigger tires. Thanks to Barley’s wizardry with the geometry of the Viaje, regardless of what tires you choose to run the Viaje handles like a dream. Quick, agile, intuitive, but still stable enough for long days in the saddle.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Volagi without the use of disc brakes. Disc brakes offer next level stopping power and control – which is critical when riding in mixed conditions you are likely to encounter on a Viaje. Fully compatible with mechanical or hydraulic systems, the Viaje offers confident control in any environment with the tire clearance to back it up. Get out there, go explore.

Why a steel bike?

Steel has an intrinsically great ride quality thanks to a number of factors. Stonger tubing means you can use smaller diameter tubes which result in a more compliant ride. Careful selection of tubing for both models of the Viaje, along with the road taming performance of our Long Bow Flex Stays results in a supreme ride. Steel, only better.

Steel is also extremely durable, which is especially important when you’re exploring uncharted territory on your Viaje, or locking it up to a bike rack downtown. When cared for properly, steel frames can last a lifetime! There is absolutely still a time and place for carbon but for an adventure bike like the Viaje, steel is the perfect material for the right blend of performance, ride quality, durability, and weight.

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