Ventz – Air Conditioning for Motorcyclists

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Ventz is a clever product that attaches easily to your jacket and helps to cool you down.

When riding in warm weather an invisible layer of hot air, trapped in your jacket, raises your core body temperature to uncomfortable levels, which can cause a dangerous loss of concentration.

Ventz creates a flow of soothing air that removes the trapped heat, making your journey cooler and more comfortable.Safe and comfortable to wear, Ventz is effective for both the rider and pillion passenger.

Improved air-flow

You will immediately benefit from the cool, soothing air circulating around your upper body.


Made from extremely lightweight materials, you will almost forget they are even there!


Ventz are made from shatter proof materials and the inside is synthetic rubber, making them both safe and comfortable.

Reduced Perspiration

By Reducing you temperature to a comfortable level you will no longer have to worry about the build-up of excessive perspiration.

Gloves not required

The flexible clip on top of the Ventz module will secure the unit in place with or without gloves being worn.


Ventz efficient design mean that the product is very portable, fitting into almost all pockets

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