Vela: The electric bicycle

Lightweight, affordable and carefully designed for the city. Vela is a beautiful electric bike.

The main feature of an electric bicycle is a powerful electric engine that helps you go up very inclined paths and commute further with more ease. The Vela has a 350w engine able to deliver up to 4 times the power of a regular cyclist.

Created as a practical, budget conscious and sustainable solution for our currently inefficient urban commute – tainted by the high cost of gas, elevated pollution rates and traffic jams – Vela proposes a better alternative to transform our day to day in the 21st century urban environment.

  • b Vela The electric bicycle
  • c Vela The electric bicycle
  • d Vela The electric bicycle
  • e Vela The electric bicycle
  • f Vela The electric bicycle
  • Vela The electric bicycle

Vela Bikes are focused on performance along with high end technology, design and comfort. The result is a bicycle thought of to the most minute detail, serving the day-to-day in a simple, practical and efficient way. Aware of the challenges that involve urban mobility, we pledge ourselves to always deliver updated solutions and most importantly, create accessible options that indeed change our city environment.

vela ebike

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