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a Upstand

Ever get tired of resting your road bike on railings and walls? Well the new upstand just might be the solution! Quick, easy, and lightweight, the upstand will allow you to keep your bike upright!

Fact is, most of your better bicycles have no mount for a kickstand. The Upstand attaches to your bicycle’s quick release, near the rear axle.  Installs in less than 1 minute. And when you’re ready to ride again, just fold it, stow it and off you go. Stand detaches quickly from the bike and folds up for easy storage in your 3 panel pocket, gear bag etc.

The Upstand is made of high performance materials and components, including carbon-fiber tubing and a strong axial magnet.

How does the The Upstand stay put? First, you slip the metal tab into place through the skewer of your rear axle and lock your quick release. Then, just slip the Upstand over the small steel tab until you hear the “click” of the embedded magnet making contact with the tab.

Constructed of carbon fiber; 6061T 6 anodized aluminum, neodymium axial magnet, shock cord, stainless steel and epdm rubber foot. Added weight to your bike is only 15 grams. The stand alone is 25 grams. Total product weight is 40 grams.

With the upstand, there’s no more having to lean your bike against the store window, the car, a fencepost or the furniture in your home. And no heavy, unsightly kickstand hanging off your bike.

A magnet holds the upstand in place when in use and when you’re ready to ride, just pluck if off and stow it away. Folds and fits easily in your pocket or bag.

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