The Story of Shimano XTR

Discover the history, design and development of the latest generation of Shimano XTR (top of the range for cross-country and trail mountain bikes).

This first of 6 episodes will explore the history of Shimano, the mystique of Japan and how XTR has impacted MTB racing.
Delving deeper into the story of XTR, long time Shimano Skunk rider Paul Thomasberg goes inside the walls of Shimano to introduce the development team as they take you through the intricate process to refine and perfect the new XTR.
In Episode 3, Lesley, Shandro and Paul explore the manufacturing process of Shimano XTR as they venture through the rarely exposed factory in Sakai City Japan.

In Episode 4, we follow Shimano XTR from the factory in Japan to it’s first real world test at the prestigious B.C. Bike Race. Follow pros like Geoff Kabush, Catharine Pendrel and Melanie McQuaid as they successfully put XTR to the test in some of the most challenging conditions in the world.
The 2010 World Championship race course of Mount Ste. Anne, Quebec, Canada challenged the best riders in the world with slick conditions mixed in with lung ripping climbs and treacherous downhill sections. An excellent test for the new XTR M980 cross country group!
This is the final episode in the 6 part series we put together the creation and launch of Shimano’s new XTR group. Shot this fall in BC’s Chilcotin mountain range with Andrew Shandro and Mark Weir.

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