The Greyp G12 – bicycle when you want it, motorcycle when you need it

rimac greyp g12

The Greyp G12 is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it.

Fingerprint activated – You don’t ever need to worry about keys again. The G12 can save up to 50 users, and every user can save up to 5 fingers. You can choose that a certain finger starts the bike in a certain mode. Your thumb can lead you the Street Mode, while your middle-finger will activate the Power-mode. The owner can limit rights to other users – you can lend your bike to your friend and limit his riding-time and speed.

Riding modes

Most EU countries consider two-wheeled electric vehicles as motorcycles if they can reach a speed in excess of 25 km/h and have more than 250 W of power. The G12 has a special mode to comply with the regulations for road vehicles – which limits the speed and power. Still, the top-speed is just a tap on the touch-screen away when you need it.

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Speed, consumption, ideal and calculated range, temperatures and much more. Sophisticated electronics collect processes and display a large variety of data to the rider, which helps to plan your trip.

No need to pedal

You can pedal if you want, assist the motor or ride the G12 like a motorcycle. It will reach 70 km/h without any assistance by the rider. You never need to sweat riding up a hill again!


You can reach up to 120 km of range with a single charge. Our sophisticated range estimation algorithms predict the remaining range based on your riding style and at the same time, show you the maximum range with a conservative riding style from that moment on. This enables you to predict when to slow down in order to have enough range to make it to your destination.

Regenerative braking

You will almost never need to use the G12’s mechanical brakes. The motor can recharge the battery with up to 2 kW of power while braking which is more than enough most of the time. Still, we made no compromise when it comes to brakes – hydraulic dual discs in the front and a single disc in the rear (both with 203 mm diameter) provide enough stopping-power for even the most demanding situations.

greyp g12


The G12 can be re-charged from 0 to 100 percent in only 80 minutes – from a standard 220V outlet. A full charge consumes just about 1,3 kWh of energy which cost less than 25 Euro Cent in Europe (according to average electric energy cost in the EU).


A state-of-the art battery-pack, designed and manufactured by Rimac Automobili, is providing 1,3 kWh of juice for the G12. The bespoke BMS system keeps an eye on each cell and checks the voltage 100 times per second. Advanced algorithms calculate the remaining State of Charge, range and many other factors. You can even watch how each cell is behaving in real-time on your screen. The BMS monitors 5 temperatures within the battery. We have spent years on the development of this system in order to guarantee a long battery-life.


The G12 is equipped with Lithium-Nanophosphate battery-cells manufactured by A123 Systems. These cells are considered as the best high-performance battery-cells currently in existence. Those cells deliver ultra-high power and energy density, while offering superior safety and life. Thanks to the sophisticated Rimac Automobili BMS and A123 battery-cells, we can expect a minimum life of 3000 cycles (charges and discharges) while still maintaining 80% capacity.

Rugged design

We have not only focused on the electric part of the equation. All mechanical components are engineered for demanding use over many years – the G12 can withstand jumps, down-hill rides and rough surfaces while still maintaining a comfortable ride and flawless function of all components.

Chassis & Suspension

The chassis and rear swingarm are made out of high-grade, high-tensile 25CrMo4 steel. The tubes are CNC bent and cut while the sheet-metal parts are CNC laser-cut. All parts are welded on a custom-made jig in order to assure quality and tight tolerances. All stressed-parts are FEM analyzed and stress-tested on benches. Hand-laminated carbon-fibre is used for the body.




Power-mode power: 12 kW
Street-mode power: 250 W
Power-mode top-speed: 70 km/h
Street-mode top-speed: 25 km/h
Range: up to 120 km
Battery capacity: 1,3 kWh
Weight: 49 kg
Recharge time: 80 min.
Regen braking power: 2 kW



Capacity: 1,3 kWh
Chemistry: Lithium Nanophosphate
Nominal voltage: 64V
Integrated Rimac Automobili BMS
Cell-voltage monitoring (refresh – every 10 ms)
Cell-temperature monitoring
State-of-Charge calculation
Low-voltage protection
High-voltage protection
Temperature protection
SoC protection
Low power consumption in sleep mode



Seamless 25CrMo4 steel tubes and sheet metal
Tig welded in jig
Dual mount bottom bracket
Cr-Mo sheet metal swingarm triangulated with geometry and sheets for better weight-stiffness ratio
Long Headtube with semi integrated headset
Carbon-fibre body panels
Frame size: 19” (XL)



Motor: custom direct drive BLDC with Neodymium magnets
Gears: Bottom bracket 2 speed ATS speed drive (planetary gears)
Crank: Schlumpf
Pedals: Custom Z1


Front suspension

Custom made DNM USD-8
Length: 750 mm
Damping: 3-system
Travel: 200 mm
Adjustments: Preload / Rebound / Adjust High Pressure
Damper shaft: Aluminum 7075
20 mm (0.79in) through axle design
Stanchion: 35 mm (1.38 in) AL7075, dark hard Anodized
Steer diameter: 28.6 mm (1.13 in)
Dropout and crowns: CNC machined AL 6061 T6
Compatible brakes: Dual disc brakes systems
Spring Coil
-1/8” steerer


Rear suspension

Custom made DNM shock with extra-long maintenance period
Custom spring
Travel 110 mm



Custom made dual wall 47 mm aluminum rim
Custom made 12G (2,7mm) spokes
Custom made front dual disc hub with 20mm through axle



Display: 5” full color display
Tires: Maxxis Hookworm 2,5×26“ or Bontrager G4 Team, 26×2.35
Saddle: Custom body form
Seatpost: Custom 26.8 mm, 19 mm offset
Handlebar: Custom 31.8 mm flat 9° sweep
Stem: Custom made CNC machined with integrated finger scanner and display
Headset: Cane Creek 40
Brakeset: Tektro Auriga E-twin custom made with triple 203mm disc system

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