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The CydeKick
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The CydeKick is a green-friendly, zero-friction, bicycle accessory that converts cyclist’s motion into electricity for charging smartphones and other electronic devices.

This July, we will be asking for support from friends, family, and all willing in order to help raise capital to fund production of the CydeKick. We are using Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform and hope you will show your support by making a pledge and/or spreading the word.

The CydeKick is a bicycle accessory system that charges your phone by generating power while you pedal. It is the only fully integrated, self-powered, add-on system that can do this without introducing additional friction, meaning less resistance than other add-on devices.

Hub Dynamos are another type of generator on the market which technically add no friction either. Standalone, these generators cannot charge USB devices without aftermarket electronics to condition/clean the power. Additionally, Hub Dynamos require rebuilding or replacing your entire wheel. All said and done, the cost of the Hub Dynamo, the conditioning equipment, and the assembly labor (assuming you don’t buy an entire new wheel) can add up very quickly!

The CydeKick is a fully integrated system that includes everything required to accomplish charging your USB devices.  It’s also easy to install and compatible with almost all conventional bicycles.

the CydeKick Pro

  • Add-On, Self-Powered, Bicycle Generator System
  • USB Output for Charging Smartphones, Action Cams, GPS, etc.
  • High-Intensity LED Headlight (Included)
  • Stores Energy while You Ride but Can Also be Plugged in and Recharged at Home
  • If You can Assemble Ikea Furniture You can Install the CydeKick Yourself.
  • Expandable – Choose from Other Plug-n-Play Lighting Accessories & Electronics

The CydeKick is also available as a battery-free, headlight-only system for those who do not need USB charging capability.

the CydeKick Mini

  • Add-On, Self-Powered, Bicycle Generator System (Lighting Only)
  • High-Intensity LED Headlight (Included)
  • Battery-Free
  • Extremely Easy to Install!
  • Expandable – Choose from Other Plug-n-Play Lighting Accessories

How does the CydeKick Pro work?

The CydeKick Pro uses electromagnetic induction to create power. In a nutshell, when a magnetic disc attached to your wheel spins near coils in your frame-mounted CydeKick electrical current is created. This power is conditioned (AC to DC), then either stored internally or fed directly to your USB devices.

For the more technical folk out there we’ve been optimizing the system with higher-grade neodymium magnets, improved magnetic & non-magnetic materials (i.e. permeability vs saturation, and eddy current losses), employed a closed loop flux path, tweaked the arrangement of coils and coil configurations, and incorporated a new track-and-swivel mount for aligning and adjusting the proximity between stator and rotor.

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