The BULLITT Cargo bike

The BULLITT Cargo bike
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It’s not just a good cargo bike — it’s the funkiest and fastest cargo bike in the world. Not that speed is everything; but racing does improve the breed, which Bullitt has proved by continuing to beat all competition around the globe.

Bullitt does it like the original “king of cool” and is still the coolest thing on two wheels! All the packhorse power of the original Danish “Long John”, but with the width, feel and ride of a normal bike.

The BULLITT Cargo bike is available in multiple combinations, all built with the same lightweight frame in a range of colours. Add to this a choice of equipment ranging from full-on Shimano XT equipped specials through Shimano Deore models to our indestructible hub gear bikes featuring Shimano Alfine and Nexus.

Right now, in 2014, there are 109 Bullitt dealerships in countries all over the world, including the USA and Japan. You can choose from eight different Bullitt models and pimp them with any number of brilliant top quality accessories.


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