TAHAANGA – the fastest drying dress shirt on Earth

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Introducing the fastest drying dress shirt on Earth. Bike. Work. Celebrate. No Sweat! TAHAANGA shirts incorporate the latest technological advances in textile science.

Not only is the shirt the fastest-drying dress shirt available on the market (we know because we tested it against six other kinds of widely available dress shirts and it bested every one), but our TAHAANGA shirt is also breathable, moisture wicking, odor resistant, and wrinkle free (because who likes ironing?). All that and it’s sustainably manufactured!

About the Shirt

The fastest-drying shirt on Earth is both beautiful and performance-focused. Proudly developed in the design hub of NYC, and painstakingly manufactured in Italy with its well-established tradition of exceptional craftsmanship, this classic button-down shirt is manufactured from our high-quality proprietary European cotton blends. Suitable for both casual and formal wear, it is soft and smooth to the touch, yet has all the properties you would enjoy in your favorite active-wear shirt. We’ve merged all of these qualities and meticulously designed them into a fitted tailored cut.

What Is the Science?

In order to improve upon the functionality of dress shirts, we focused on fast evaporation properties to incorporate into our shirts. Unfortunately, we found your typical active-wear shirt actually retains moisture — and a lot of it. TAHAANGA uses a proprietary fabric blend developed using the properties of the highest level active-wear fabrics and transforms them into an amazing dress shirt. Typically, a dress shirt is worn between 8 and 20 hours a day. We all want a dress shirt that not only quickly evaporates moisture and confronts odor, but also accomplishes its purpose — a shirt that looks fresh, sharp, and boardroom-ready in minutes.


We are driven by the latest technological advances in fabrics and textile science and committed to bringing them to you. TAHAANGA unites style, function, and sustainable manufacturing. As more people merge their active lifestyle with their work lives, we saw the need for clothing that allows you to be active without having to leave an extra set of clothes at work. Our clothes will allow you to seamlessly go from one activity to the next both looking and feeling great. TAHAANGA will never compromise style for functionality. In addition to ensuring you look good, we will continue to push the envelope of science and technology to enhance the functionality of our shirts.



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