Stowaway – Ultimate Bike Storage Solution

Stowaway bike

Stowaway is a simple, safe, secure & minimalist solution to storing your bike in your home.

Stowaway allows you maximize the space in your apartment, house or garage. It stores your bike flat to your ceiling, de-cluttering your room and maximizing unused space.

Stowaway bolts to your wall, similar to boxing bag brackets so there is no installation or stress to your ceiling. It is a simple, safe and secure solution to storing your bike within your home or garage.

Stowaway is simple – It unfolds right out of the box, so all you have to do is position and fit it to where you want it on the wall and it’s ready to use

  • Adjustable – Frame can be adjusted to fit any height bike and narrow hallways
  • Simple and safe to use – Place the clips of the first pulley strap around the saddle and handlebars and then lift so the pedals are at arm height. Then attach the second pulley strap around the wheels. This stabilizes the wheels so they remain fixed as you lift and release
  • Dual color straps – know which strap you are controlling at a glance
  • Counterweight pulley system – you only lift half the weight of your bike
  • Integrated braking system
  • Stowaway is strong, safe and secure

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