Stemlock – a stem for storing and protecting bikes

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The Stemlock is an innovation that combines both an unprecedented feature to facilitate bike storage and an extremely effective deterrent against theft. In a single step, your bike can be stored in the smallest spaces. And with the turn of a key, the bike becomes unusable for anyone other than its owner.

Bike security and storage: two of cyclists’ major worries

It isn’t always easy to have the bike reflex, especially in an urban setting. If users worry whether their property is secure, or if their bikes are stored at the bottom of a bike garage, behind a dozen others, then it’s no wonder they often use the car instead. But IXOW is launching Stemlock to ease these curbs on cycling, a stem offering an answer to both problems.

A stem with unique, built-in functions

The Stemlock uses the same storage and transport features as the Stempark. In a simple step, the handlebar is aligned to the frame and the wheels, so the bike instantly becomes 50 cm narrower. To this has also been added a feature against theft, to deter potential thieves from going after your property. With a single turn of a key, the handlebar is disengaged from the fork, making using and reselling the bike impossible. The Stemlock guarantees quick, lasting protection in all circumstances.

A unique solution, however you use your bike

The Stemlock frees cyclists from the constraints linked to storing and protecting a bike, by offering a reliable, particularly innovative solution. The Stemlock comes in several versions, to best meet your needs and offer you comfortable use. Available in the “Aheadset” and “Quill” versions, with stem angles suitable for urban, recreational and sporting use, the Stemlock will easily replace your normal stem. And if you would like to personalise your bike and transform it to suit your personality, then why not try one of our coloured versions? Orange, green, purple, white… there’s sure to be a Stemlock for you!

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