STASHERS – Bike Beverage Tube Cooler & Storage System

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This modular bike tube cooler system has tubes that come in Small, Medium and Large. They keep cold things cold and warm things warm. They also act as a waterproof storage system that can carry all kinds of other items such as clothing, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, cell phones, etc.

You can have your food and beverage in one tube cooler and your clothes and other items will stay dry in another tube cooler. Each tube cooler detaches and is equipped with a shoulder strap.

  • The Large Bike Tube Cooler holds 4 Standard Cans or 2 tall boys
  • The Medium holds 3 Standard Cans or 2 tall boys
  • The SMall holds 2 standard cans or 1 tall boy

The width of the tubes is generous so can accommodate all sorts of different beverages such as water bottles, a thermos, beer bottles, wine bottles, the large cans of ice tea or fruit punch etc. You can also put your cans into a coozie and keep it in the beverage tube cooler for added insulation.

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