Springtime – bike rack picnic basket with table and chairs

2 Springtime - bike rack
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Nothing like a summer picnic, but sitting down on wet, prickly or sandy grounds might be uncomfortable.

This basket offers the perfect solution to that problem. It holds a table for two, chairs and plenty of space to store your food, plates, cups and cutlery. Easy to carry on your bike to any idyllic dinner location: have a seat and enjoy a lovely meal in nature. Life is a picnic after all.

This past year, the Springtime journey has been nothing short of amazing. The overwhelming attention in the press, the widespread positive feedback for and trust in Springtime as a product and Bloon as a brand have been truly inspiring. Our gratitude is endless.

We believe that Springtime is timeless, and we believe that you share that view. And it is this belief that has convinced us that, despite the fact that we’re close to final production, have a solid pre-order list and secure financial backings, it is not time for Springtime yet.

Springtime deserves more. It deserves the best quality on every level, in every detail, and should be produced in a truly sustainable manner. To achieve that goal, more attention, more work, and more time are required. So we can perfect what we already have. For now, that means that we’ve put the Springtime production on hold.

In the meantime, we’re working on several other projects, as cool and innovative as Springtime. Make sure you check out bloondesign.com or our Facebook page every once in a while. And rest assured, when it’s time for Springtime, you’ll be the first to know.

  • 1 Springtime - bike rack
  • 2 Springtime - bike rack
  • 3 Springtime - bike rack
  • 4 Springtime - bike rack
  • 5 Springtime - bike rack
  • 6 Springtime - bike rack


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