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SpeedForce is a fully integrated smart cycling computer that replaces your stem, combines different cycling products together, measures over 8 sets of data, and comes with an app.

The elegant, integrated design seamlessly incorporates a GPS cycling computer with a power supply, headlight, and navigation. It becomes the stem of your bike for a full integration rather than as an extra part.

SpeedForce has additional pedal and wheel sensors that ensure the highest accuracy. With each pedal, SpeedForce can pick up and calculate your riding data: speed, time, distance, track, heart rate, altitude, temperature, and cadence.

With a built-in GPS chip that syncs with your phone’s GPS, SpeedForce has turn signal indicators that light up to tell you where to turn next without needing to glance at your smartphone. It makes riding with navigation on safer and easier.

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SpeedForce’s GPS works two ways: Turn-by-turn and Off-the-road. Turn-by-turn requires your smartphone’s GPS. Your GPS sends the navigation via Bluetooth and SpeedForce will direct you that way. Off-the-road is when you pre-plan the route and push it to SpeedForce. Afterwards, even without your phone, SpeedForce will follow the submitted route.

SpeedForce can operate up to 40 hours (16 hours with GPS navigation on). The removable battery offers more power options; just pack one more battery with you and SpeedForce will last through a long distance ride.

Keep your nightly rides safe by illuminating the path with more than 30 feet of light from Speedforce’s CREE headlight. It was built with a sleek design and has 150 lumens in order to focus a bright light on your path allowing for maximum visibility so nothing gets by you.

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SpeedForce not only just reads the data, it interprets it for you. It tells you when to shift gears or when to pedal more so you get an optimal riding experience without putting additional strain to your body. It helps fix any bad cycling habits you may not know you have.

Even if your smartphone is in your pouch, you can still be alerted of important calls and messages.

Employing state-of-art craftsmanship, we first used 3-D modeling to construct the ideal cycling accessory. SpeedForce has also undergone the drop test and vibration test over 200,000 times. We designed the cycling computer to be dust proof and water-resistant. We’ve also made two versions available: mountain bike and road bike, so it’s tailored to the needs of both and fits perfectly as a stem.

A beautiful 1.6 inch color screen graces the SpeedForce for an easier reading of data. It’s visible whether you’re riding day or night. It has 8 different screens and can even give you phone and text notifications on it.

The app has been developed for two years now and has over 400,000 users who share and compete against each other. Make cycling into a lifestyle, not just a hobby!

  • Completely free app
  • View leaderboards – see who you’re doing better than
  • Meet new riders – don’t limit yourself locally, explore the world
  • City guides – there’s always a new route to be found
  • Cycling and training advice – great for beginners to learn their bike fit
  • Share photos – post or leave comments on some amazing shots

The data from SpeedForce can sync with our SpeedX app so you can access your data using your smartphone anytime instead of needing a computer. It also allows you to share your data with other users and see how others are doing as well. You can view a leaderboard and compete with others.

SpeedX has users all over the world, with this app, you are not alone. You can join bike clubs, chat in forums, and even share photos of trails you’ve been to. We want to encourage more people to be cyclists and this is the first step to do it.

No matter where you are, you can find a route using our app. Our app has different route suggestions based on your current location. You can ride new trails and have a new adventure each day.

As a beginner in cycling, you may feel lost. However, SpeedForce gives you the information you need to start. We have information ranging from bike fit to what types of bikes are available. That way, when you’re on a ride, you can be confident in knowing what you’re doing.

Check out more on speedforce.com

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