SPEED OF LIFE (whole movie)

speed of life

SPEED OF LIFE is a film about sustainable mobility and the story of Tiho’s passion for cycling. Tiho is a cyclist from the Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), which with its organization fight in a creative way to make more suitable for bicycles in his city.

Tiho was invited to participate to an international project in Italy where he will coordinate the preparation of cycling routes in the Vastu Abruco (Abruzzo). How to reach this destination? By bike, of course! Starts then a captivating journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy.

This experience of sustainable mobility in the long run is moving slowly, at a speed of the human eye, you can feel the beauty of the landscape and the essence of travel. The aim is to start a new adventure: to lead a group of young Europeans in the process of creating cycling routes along the Adriatic coast, in the natural reserve of Punta Aderci.

Post source : Centar za životnu sredinu

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