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Sparse bicycle lights are a set of front and rear lights designed to integrate with the structure and lines of the bike and the life of its user. The lights are permanently affixed to the bicycle – reducing the potential for theft, breakage and loss. The lights are bright enough to illuminate the roadway as well as ensure the visibility of the rider. To remove either light, a would-be thief must disassemble the bicycle. Sparse lights are comprised of an aluminum die-cast chassis, ABS lensing, lithium-polymer batteries and high-efficiency LED’s.

Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride. You may have had the same thing happen to you: jump on your bike for a quick ride to the store, lock it up, run in, and on your way out – your lights are gone. Or maybe it rained and now your lights are fried. Or maybe you’re sick of stripping your lights every time you lock your bike to a post, stop in for a pint, toil in the salt mines, or attend a black-tie gala. Or maybe you simply left your lights at home as you scrambled to get out the door with bike and bag this morning.

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These lights were designed from the ground up to improve your ride. The lights integrate seamlessly with the visuals of the bike and the routines of daily cycling. We’ve taken extra effort to vet every element of these products to function not just well, but optimally. Their die-cast aluminum casings are nearly invincible and their mounting method assures they’ll stay on your bike. They’re solid, sealed, tamper-resistant, and stupidly bright.

We call it the Spacer Light since it sits beneath your stem in the stack of spacers. [The light fits both 1″ and 1 1/8″ steer tubes]. This integration makes it extremely difficult to steal. Indeed if someone is stealing the light, they have already stolen your bars, brakes, shifters, and stem. This integration also keeps the light pointed in your path of travel, visibly seated above the shoulder line of cars, and generally out of harm’s way.

The source of illumination in the Spacer Light is a 3 Watt white LED.The output comes to 130-220 Lumens depending on how you measure it. (Lumens are a bit of a bogus measurement – don’t get us started) It is bright.

The Spacer Light has 3 modes, On, Off, and Blink. The ‘On’ state is bright enough to light your path ahead. The motion of the ‘Blink’ State makes you very visible to anyone on or near the roadway.

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The Tail Light slips on and clamps down on your seat post. It fits the most common seat post sizes – anything from 20mm – 31.6mm. There is no way to remove the light without removing the seat post.

The source of illumination in the Tail Light is a series of board-mounted red LED’s – 4 face rear and 4 to the sides. In total, they add up to 1 Watt of output (about 30-50 Lumens). This array yields a super-wide spill to keep you visible and safe.

The Tail Light has 3 modes, On, Off, and Automatic. The illuminated state is a steady 1 second cycle of on/off. In the automatic mode, the light will begin flashing whenever the bike is in motion. It will stay blinking for 1 minute or until it is triggered again. This will keep you visible while you wait through the longest stop light.


Our lights are constructed from die-cast aluminum, not plastic. Once installed, they are part of your bike. They won’t jostle, rattle, or interfere with your cables. The metal chassis is joined by a double-lens, sealed with a silicone gasket to keep everything dry inside and working for a very long time.

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Both lights are fueled by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery like the one in your phone. We’re designing for a 4hr charge – enough to get you to and from work for a week, before you park the bike in the vicinity of an outlet and refill the battery. We’re shipping the lights with a 6′ micro-USB cable and wall-adapter to supply the power.

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Dimensions: 36mm W x 107mm L x 42mm D
Weight: 111g (with battery)
Light source: 3 Watt White Single LED by Cree
Output: 200 Lumens
Chassis: Die-cast Zinc
Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
Steady:   4 hrs
Blink:   8 hrs
Recharge time:  4 hrs (USB recharge)
Water resistance:  IP4 rating
Headset compatibility:
Threadless or Threaded (For threaded, verify a minimum of 10mm of threading available for installation)
1″ or 1 18” (Ships with color-matched adapter shim)
Front brake compatability:  The Spacer Light IS NOT COMPATIBLE with center-pull front brakes


Dimensions: 42mm W x 108mm L x 40mm D
Weight: 162g (with battery)
Light source: 2 Watt Red Four-LED by Cree
Output: 100 Lumens
Chassis: Die-cast Zinc
Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
Steady:   4 hrs
Blink:   8 hrs
Recharge time:  4 hrs (USB recharge)
Water resistance:  IP4 rating
Seatpost Compatibility:
Standard round / Non-Aero
26.0mm to 31.9mm diameter (Ships with adapter shim)

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