Smart Turn System – Self-canceling turn signal system for motorcycle

The first self-cancelling turn signal system for motorcycle that automatically cancels turn signals when the maneuver is completed.

Smart Turn System 1Solution that is taken for granted in cars will now also improve safety on motorcycles. Smart Turn System will be commercially available in spring 2016, motorcyclists can apply for beta test.

Misuse of turn signals is one of the main reasons for accidents in motorcycle world and over 40% of the motorcyclist have found themselves in dangerous traffic situation because they forgot to turn off the turn signals or they did not turn them on in first place.

Smart Turn System is the first self canceling turn signal system for motorcycles, that is able to accurately turn off the signal at the completion of a maneuver. As the system makes use of motion sensor technology it is able to reliably determine whether a rider has changed a lane, exited a roundabout or simply completed a turn at a crossroad – the turn signal is always canceled as the maneuver is completed.

Smart Turn System 2A patented system collects movement data of the motorcycle and uses an algorithm to determine what kind of a maneuver is taking place – once it is finished, the system completes its job by canceling the turn signal.

The idea was born from a misfortunate situation that could easily have turned into one of disastrous consequences – “I was riding around with turn signals left on after a completion of a maneuver and a very attentive car driver cut me off from the side road – his assumption of me intending to make a right turn at the crossroad was soundly based on what he was able to see: a blinking turn signal.” says Miha Kovač, the CEO of the company.

As he discovered that there is no reliable solution for this problem on the market, he started gathering a larger team of experts to address this problem and prepare an operational prototype of a turn signal cancellation device.

Smart Turn System 3After an extensive period of in-house testing of the device on various motorcycles and with different riders, the team has managed to develop a highly accurate and reliable version. A version that is now ready to be tested and proven by others.

Additionally, company is developing various installation options, that would make the mounting of the device as simple as possible for every motorcycle. Company started collecting applications for their beta testing program this month – the first beta testers will be able to give their system a go in March. The system will be commercially available in spring 2016. “There is always a risk of something going wrong on the road. One false indication and it is all over” says Kovač, “Nothing is more valuable than life itself – this is why we have to reduce this risk as much as possible.”

Smart Turn System 4ABCS SISTEM is a start-up company founded in 2014 by Miha Kovač and Rok Upelj and its goal is to bring motorcycle automation to the next level.

Team of experts in the field of mechanics and electronics is determined to improve motorcycle safety and comfort. Company is based in Slovenia, EU. It is working closely with major motorcycle manufacturers to test the system and its integration on the motorcycle.

ABCS SISTEM d.o.o., Vojkova c. 63, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU –

Post source : Rok Upelj

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