SLICK stabilizer – A Motorized GoPro Steadicam

A Motorized GoPro Steadicam for Filmmakers. Waterproof.

Slick is an innovative GoPro stabilizer that lets you capture smooth videos hands-free. Using standard GoPro mounts, you can attach Slick to any of your favorite accessories — like a helmet, a pole, a dog, a chest mount, a drone or a surf board !

SLICK is the world’s first waterproof stabilizer. SLICK is suited to all your favorite water sports, and provides amazing action shots.

SLICK stabilizer

To clearly understand why you won’t want to shoot your next video without SLICK, here’s side-by-side comparison footage using a GoPro alone vs. a GoPro attached to SLICK

SLICK footage is so smooth that you can simply increase playback speed to get that awesome Hyperlapse effect. Below is some street/forest footage shot from a helmet facing backward in Paris

How it works

SLICK uses motors and sensors: each of the camera’s motorized three axes is driven by a micro-controller, so that the camera stays perfectly level regardless of the kind of terrain you’re moving on.

SLICK is compact and very simple to use:

  1. Attach your GoPro camera to SLICK
  2. Attach SLICK into your favorite GoPro mount — they are all compatible
  3. Switch it on and kick off the action!

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