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SCS Magnum

SCS Racks was founded by Washington native Neil Johnson. Combining traditional common sense with state of the art metal fabrication, his original model was named the “BoneLocker.” This prototype has been wildly popular in local bike shops in Neil’s hometown of Spokane, which encouraged him to bring the product to a larger audience.

The BoneLocker then became the blueprint for the more advanced SCS Magnum. All SCS carriers are built with local craftsmanship and unmatched quality locally in Spokane, Washington. The company’s philosophy is quality over profit, and every product is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for one year.


SCS Magnum is a hitch-mounted, two, three, or four-bike carrier designed for car, SUV, truck or RV use. Unlike other bike carriers on the market, Magnum is virtually theft-proof. It protects against bike theft with a solid steel integrated security bar that is bolt-cutter resistant and pry-bar proof. The one-piece, hingeless structure also eliminates any other possible avenues for would-be thieves such as dismantling the carrier itself or cutting at a weaker, hinged area. Stop fumbling with cable or chain locking security systems that thieves can cut right through. One simple movement slides the steel security bar into place, locking up to four bikes on the carrier.


800,000 bicycles are stolen in the U.S. every year. A typical cable bike lock is like butter to any common thief with bolt cutters. And no one wants to have to constantly keep an eye on the bikes on the back of their car. SCS Magnum inventor Neil Johnson had tried multiple different methods of securing his bikes, but after a third bike was stolen from his traditional carrier, he realized there was no adequate bike carrier on the market, and began building his own design.


Though rugged and secure, the SCS Magnum also allows for complete flexibility. Adjustable frame trays fit all standard bikes. Use the SCS Magnum to securely transport mountain bikes, carbon road bikes, children’s bikes, and even beach cruisers. Eventually, a second attachment will be added to the SCS Magnum carrier that will allow skis and snowboards to be securely transported.

An anti-sway feature utilizes a seat-tube stabilizer, which prevents swinging or slippage and eliminates any need for readjustment once bikes are strapped down. SCS Magnum’s frame trays also allow the unique ability to vary the space between the bikes. Every bike can also be aligned independently of the other bikes, keeping each one horizontal to the ground.

SCS Magnum’s 20-inch stinger conveniently allows for access to most tailgates while in use. Whatever your ride may be- mountain, road, downhill, even electric- you can hang up to four bicycles on the aluminum support arm, ensuring secure transportation and peace of mind.

Most of the images you see on this page are of our first model, The BoneLocker. Above, you see a prototype image of the new and improved SCS Magnum. Your SCS Magnum will be lighter and sleeker than The BoneLocker. The support is all aluminum that is anodized in a burnt orange with a clear coat finish. The locking bar is cold-rolled steel and zinc plated for durability and corrosion resistance, and all fasteners are stainless steel. Light yet effective.


  • Weighs only 19 pounds
  • Two, three or four-bike carrier
  • Three velcro tie downs per bike
  • Designed to fit all 1 ¼ inch or 2 inch receivers
  • Carrying capacity of up to 130 pounds
  • Locking receiver pin and lock included (keyed alike)
  • Locking bar stows inside aluminum support arm when not in use
  • All aluminum support arm in anodized burnt orange with a clear coat finish
  • Cold rolled steel locking bar plated in zinc for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel fasteners

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