SEATYLOCK – saddle that locks your bike

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SEATYLOCK is an innovative Patent protected product destined to change the lives of urban cyclists by providing them with a new level of convenience for secure bicycle riding.

The first & only saddle that locks your bike. Seatylock is a bicycle saddle that transforms easily into a solid One meter lock. Seatylock will always be there with you as an integrated part of your bike.

You’ll never forget your lock back home again. Seatylock enables you locking your bike to an external object and you no longer need to carry heavy locks or get worried about saddle theft. Seatylock has various adaptors enable easy compatibility to any standard seat post that in the market.

Locking the bicycle is widely known to be a burden. Bike riders could sometimes find that they have left their lock back home while needed it the most,some cyclists even face saddle theft. That will never happen with a Seatylock!!!

“Necessity is the mother of invention” (Ilan Mor – Co founder): “We believe that SEATYLOCK will revolutionize the urban cycling experience. SEATYLOCK provides a necessary solution for a problem that affects bike commuters on a daily basis. SEATYLOCK  is an Innovation born out of true necessity”


  • Length – the locking arms are one meter long.
  • Ultra simple operation – no more than 30 seconds from opening to locking
  • Saddle Convenience – The “3 fixing points system” create a spring effect for maximum comfort.
  • Quality – Foldylock is Rust Free
  • Ruggedness – The seat post Adapter has been tested for 10,000 cycles
  • Safety – the adapter includes a special safety mechanism to prevent accidental release of the saddle.
  • Top quality materials – High quality plastic coating to protect Bicycle frame


Easy Compatibility

Each SEATYLOCK  is equipped with an adaptor which enables perfect compatibility with any standard bike (E- Bike, City Bike, Trekking Bike etc….). The SEATYLOCK adaptor enables the rider to modify the SEATYLOCK to its best riding position (Backward & forward or upward & downward).

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