Scottoiler CYCLE S1 – Automatic Bicycle Chain Lube System

A revolution in bicycle chain performance – maximise your chain efficiency in all riding conditions

The Scottoiler CYCLE S1 is the first ever fully automatic chain lube system for your bike. The system attaches to your bike and takes over the entire chain maintenance process, automatically delivering the perfect quantity of premium fresh lubricant onto the chain exactly when required. This gives you maximum performance and increased efficiency, making sure you get the best out of your bike.

A poorly lubricated chain relying on traditional lubrication quickly becomes less efficient. Achieving and maintaining the optimum level of chain lubrication is a challenge. How do you know you have the correct level of lubrication on your chain before you ride?

  • Too much lubricant will attract dirt and grit from the road which creates a horrible, oily, sticky black grinding paste that is impossible to clean off. Any excess lube will also get thrown off, dry out or get washed off.
  • Too little lubricant and your chain will be inefficient and chain life will reduce significantly due to increased friction.
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Due to their construction and the single application before you ride, traditional chain lubes wear off over time. Depending on the environment and external factors they can be either thrown, washed off or attract all sorts of nasty contaminants.

Introducing the Scottoiler CYCLE S1 – The world’s first automated chain lubrication system for bicycles!

The Scottoiler CYCLE S1 continuously lubricates the chain with the exact amount needed to preserve optimum lubrication at all times. This produces maximum power transmission in the chain and smoother gear shifts, which will result in measurable performance benefits over the course of any ride.

Through continuous lubrication and use of this specially formulated non-stick lube, using a CYCLE S1 will also result in a much cleaner chain and chain components.

The black grinding paste – created as dust sticks to traditional lubes – wears out chain pins and lets the chain stretch. Replacing chains, chain cassette and chain rings can be a very expensive business. Ultimately a properly lubricated and clean chain is much safer. A worn out or snapped chain can leave you stranded at the side of the road, or even worse, be the cause of an accident.

The absence of sticky lube will prevent dirt and grit sticking to the chain, which creates a black grinding paste that is impossible to get off. Without the black grinding paste your chain and sprockets will last a lot longer, saving you the unnecessary hassle and expense in the long run.

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Easy Installation

The unit is easily fitted to most bicycles, and can be mounted in various different positions on the frame to suit your riding style or accessories choices. Similar in style to brake or gear cables the system tubing can be fitted discreetly on your bike, and in some cases it is possible to fit the system with internal routing in the frame.

Accurate Delivery System

The fluid is held in the chamber attached to the frame of the bike. A tube feeds the lube at selectable intervals down to the jockey wheel. The lubricant is dispensed onto the face of the jockey/pulley wheel and through centrifugal forces reaches the key components of the chain, lubricating them correctly. The 360° adjustable cage attachment on the jockey wheel can be aligned for optimum delivery.

Controlled Flow Rate

The system can be manually programmed to five different settings to control the frequency of lube application. This increase/decrease in flow rate is controlled by the buttons on the front of the system and is indicated using 5 LEDS. There are 4 buttons, ON/OFF, PRIME and setting change HIGHER or LOWER flowrate.

Automatic Activation

The CYCLE S1 only lubricates the chain when you are riding, activating a sleep-mode when the bike is stationary and preserving battery life. It also has built in an automatic activation via a triple-axis accelerometer – meaning it gets to work lubricating your chain as soon as you start your ride.

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