Remus exhausts now available for the entire Indian Motorcycle line up

  • Offerings from the Austrian exhaust specialist for every model
  • Developed especially to give better sound
  • Easy to fit and have a two year warranty

Indian Motorcycle riders already experience one of the most pleasing sounding engines on the market – the Thunder Stoke III – but fitting these new exhausts from Remus will get an even throatier sound and add to the riding pleasure.

  • a Remus exhausts for Indian
  • b Remus exhausts for Indian
  • d Remus exhausts for Indian
  • e Remus exhausts for Indian
  • g Remus exhausts for Indian
  • h Remus exhausts for Indian
  • j Remus exhausts for Indian
  • k Remus exhausts for Indian

Every model in the range can be fitted with a direct Remus replacement exhaust in black or chrome depending on the model. Models catered for are the Chief Classic, the Chief Vintage, the Chief Dark Horse, the Chieftain, the Roadmaster and the Scout.

The exhausts have been specially developed in partnership with Remus – an Austrian company that is celebrating 25 years of making exhausts this year.

“They make a great sound,” enthuses Andreas Geisinger, Indian Motorcycle’s head of parts, apparel and accessories. “I am very excited about the collaboration with Remus. It will give our customers a choice for a road-legal exhaust from a well-known, high quality manufacturer. Not only that, we have run these exhausts through our full testing routines to a factory-approved Victory Motorcycles quality. Our engineers didn’t find a single fault. They loved the sound when they carried out the endurance tests.”

Bernd Kresch, Chief Technical Officer at Remus said: “I am personally a big fan of custom bikes and so it was a great pleasure for me to develop a Remus exhaust especially for these two Victory models.

“We have put special attention on a maximum street legal sound while using the best materials for the new look. The Remus sound will increase your riding pleasure even more,” he promises.

  • c Remus exhausts for Indian
  • f Remus exhausts for Indian
  • i Remus exhausts for Indian
  • l Remus exhausts for Indian

The Remus exhausts fit directly onto the original headers, no modifications are required. There’s also a noticeable increase in torque in the middle of the rev range compared to the stock system as well as the sound.

The stainless steel exhausts are fully EC approved and have a two-year warranty. The exhaust that fits on the Chief Classic also fits on the Chief Vintage and comes in chrome or black.

The exhaust for the Scout only comes in chrome. Listen to this exhaust here:

And finally, the exhaust for the Chief Dark Horse comes only in black, keeping with the all-black look of this model.

Here are the official part numbers:

  • Remus Chief Classic / Chief Vintage Chrome 2880864-156
  • Remus Chief Classic / Chief Vintage Black 2880864-463
  • Remus Chief Dark Horse Black 2880864-463
  • Remus Chieftain / Roadmaster Chrome 2880863-156
  • Remus Scout EXH Chrome 2881317-156

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