Rejjee – Riding United Against Bike Theft

“Rejjee protects your bike from loss/theft & online resale. With your help we can link our crowd-source Lost & Found with local police.

More than 2 million bikes are stolen each year.  As the The Wall Street Journal reports, many end up for sale online. Only 2% are recovered because so few bikes are registered.

Our goal is to register one million bikes and make it easier for police to track down stolen bikes. You can help by supporting this campaign. Our nation-wide, real-time Lost & Found Platform is already live and reporting 1,000’s of incidents every day from around the county – but that’s not good enough!  We’re raising money to develop and distribute software that will make it fast, easy, and free for local law enforcement to link with our platform.  This will mean faster, wider alerts of stolen bikes and increased recovery rates. More than 150 departments are already signed up to access Rejjee and they’ve all said the same thing: building this link and using Rejjee to track stolen bikes is a ‘no brainer’!

Your support will also help expand the ‘Rejjee Digital Embargo‘, mobile-based reporting and immediate publishing of serial number, description, and/or unique ID of your bike (or any item of valuable lost or stolen) so online shoppers of used goods can verify an item before closing a sale.  Think of it like the ‘CARFAX’ for consumer products.  When good people like you go shopping online they want to know that both the product they’re buying and the seller are legitimate.  Rejjee provides just such an independent source for verification.  Your support will also help reduce the rash of assaults on buyers by online sellers of ill-gotten goods (or no goods at all).

Our primary goal is to raise $15,000 to develop and distribute the Rejjee API for law enforcement.  We’ve also set a stretch goal of an additional $75,000 to widen and accelerate promotional efforts so the software can be quickly adopted throughout the country – including your community – putting more eyeballs and agencies to work tracking and recovering stolen bikes.”

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