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Beautiful, customisable urban bikes for an excellent price. Pitango bikes is an international bicycle brand providing customers the ability to customize their own bicycles on pitangobikes.com website.

Pitango Bikes are fully customisable. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Pitango bikes are designed and tested by messengers and avid commuters.

Pitango is offering beautiful frame design with lugged forks, wide variety of custom colour variations and high quality for a very reasonable price. The company was established in Tel Aviv with a passion for cycling and aim to let people get around the town much faster, more efficient and in style.

“Founded by a schoolteacher, a mountain guide and a sous-chef in one of our mum’s damp garage, Pitango Bikes is the dream of not working for anyone else. Two years of epic globe trot hustling, refined beggary, an unhealthy obsession for cycling and our love for beautiful design aesthetics, have brought about some un-exaggeratedly (if that’s even a word) awesome bicycles for our customers.”

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How much do the bikes weigh?

  • Race frame between10kg- 11kg depending on rims
  • Dutch frame between 9kg-10.5kg depending on rims

What is a flip flop hub?

It is a rear hub or axle that has 2 sides to it. one side has a freewheel mounted to it and the other has a fixed cog. You can flip between the sides depending on riding preference.

How does the bike arrive?

the bikes arrive 95% assembled. All you need to do is attach the pedals, handle bar, seat and inflate the tyres. we do suggest stopping by a bike shop to make sure it is right but it is pretty straight forward.

Check out more on pitangobikes.com

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