Phoenix Racing Stands: Innovative Motorcycle Stands

Phoenix Racing StandsPhoenix Racing Stands has created the most versatile and innovative stand in the industry. With its patent pending design, it allows you to quickly lift the bike from the ground and move it to where you need it.

Being able to quickly lift your bike is an essential necessity for any motorcycle owner. It allows you to store the bike for long periods of time without the worry of creating flat spots on an expensive pair of tires. It also allows for simple maintenance on essential components such as the chain and breaks. Works with or without swing arm spools, although spools are always recommended.

The Phoenix Racing Stand takes a slightly different approach to lifting your motorcycle than other stands on the market. Heavy duty, dual bearing casters are mounted below the stand to allow effortless movement of your bike.

Phoenix Racing Stands 2The rear stand can be used and purchased separately by itself, and still allow for a large range of movement and overall general maintenance.

Combined with the front stand, which can be purchased at a later date, allows for a complete range of movement and maintenance of the bike.

Our unique, patent pending configuration allows you to add the front stand at any time and turns both stands into a single structural configuration.

All Owners:

  • Being able to reclaim limited work space
  • Removing the wheels for tire replacement instead of dropping your bike off at the dealership
  • Maintenance of chain and brakes
  • Easy storage during off season
  • Custom color options – available at a later date


  • Move around the shop to different stations
  • No need to reassemble and move out of the way if waiting on parts
  • Can move onto a lift without the tires


  • Reorganize display rooms
  • Allow customers to sit on the bike without needing to hold it for them
  • Free up additional floor space be aligning bikes in an organized fashion

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