Patchnride – fix your bicycle flat tire permanently in under 60 seconds

How to fix your bicycle flat tire permanently in under 60 seconds. It’s Easy, Convenient and Quick. Never get stranded on the side of the road again with patchnride.

Patent-pending patchnride™ is the FIRST and ONLY real solution to easily and safely repair ALL bicycle tires that get a flat – Road, Mountain, Clincher, Tubular and Now Tubeless – on the road, in less than 60 seconds. No experience needed!

patchnride™ is much easier and faster than a regular flat repair. No more removing the wheel and tire, messing with your derailleur and getting all greasy. After you patch your tire, your bicycle is 100% ready for riding and racing for all conditions.

How many flat tires can you fix with 1 single-use patch pod?

Currently, each patch pod is a single-use cartridge and can repair one flat tire. Our engineers are working on the future versions that will have multiple patches per patch pod.

How many times can I patch a tire?

You can use patchnride as many times as you would like, as long as the puncture does not occur on the same or next to an existing repair. In our test we patched the same tire 4 to 5 times on the same test ride..

Is patchnride safe?
Yes, patchnride is completely safe. The Goodyear Tire Company only considers a tire safe to ride after a flat if is patched from the inside. patchnride repairs the tire from the inside without ever removing your wheel or tire.

What size holes can you patch — what if my tire has a huge hole?

patchnride will easily patch inside holes up to 3mm. If the integrity of your tire through a big cut is compromised, we do not recommend that you attempt to repair or ride on the tire.

Does patchnride work on sidewall cuts or pinch flats/snakebites?


How quick is the repair?

With patchnride you will have finished your repair in less than 60 seconds. A traditional repair or permanent patch would take you up to 20 minutes.

What kinds of tires can patchnride fix?

Patchnride works on tubular, clinchers, mountain bikes, cruisers, tubeless tires, fat tires and running stroller tires.

How can one tool work for all kinds of tires?

Patchnride uses replaceable patch pods. Our patent pending repair system was designed with interchangeable and replaceable patch pods. You only have to determine what bike you own, choose the patch pod accordingly, snap it on the tool and you are all set.






Where can I purchase patchnride?

Currently you can find patchnride our website. International shipping is available.

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