One bicycle stolen every minute in UK

One bicycle stolen every minute in UK
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Over 500,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the UK, one every minute. You can help reduce that by simply being careful when buying a used bike. helps to spread the word that a bike has been stolen in your area.

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One Bike Stolen Every Minute In UK

Bicycle theft in the UK is rarely reported and people tend to remain non-committal when they witness one being stolen, according to recent research from a UK-based cycle parking equipment company, published in the York Press.

For the purposes of the research, ten bikes were left for an hour unattended but locked at a market. Over the course of the hour, people pretending to be thieves took the bikes one by one. Perhaps shockingly, not in one case did passers-by react and none of the “incidents” was reported to the police.

According to official data from the North Yorkshire Police, nearly 300 bikes were stolen in the area between June and September last year, meaning that an average of 94 bike thefts happen each month. Meanwhile, just one in 14 stolen bicycles is eventually returned to its owner.

Authors of the research comment that although Britons are largely encouraged to cycle, in order to reduce traffic, keep fit and bring down carbon emissions, there are no reliable cycle parking facilities and owners have to take individual care of their bikes. There is one bike stolen in the UK every minute, the researchers warn, which means that the chance of having your bike stolen is higher that having your car targeted by thieves.

Bike owners are advised to invest in taking better measures to secure their bikes, such as more advanced locks and registering the bike in a public database so that it can be tracked down more easily.

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