On The Glo reflective knitwear – keeping you safe on the road without the need for day-glow

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On The Glo is reflective knitwear: incognito during daylight, it glows in the headlights, keeping safe and highly visible cyclists, runners, skaters, dog walkers, children and everyone else who ventures out on dark winter roads.

Fun, colourful and just made for selfies, On The Glo makes the ideal Christmas present for 2015! And it is a present with a soul: all our products are ethically hand-knitted by a group of women in the rural Philippines. How to get hold of it all? Our KickStarter campaign goes live on October 23rd, with plenty of stock already made and ready to be shipped in time for the holidays. Get yours before we run out!

Invented by a girl bike mechanic, On The Glo is ideal for those urbanite cyclists who commute home in the dark and shun unsightly day-glo vests and jackets. Ourbeanies and snoodscan be worn effortlessly off the bike and can easily match those dark jeans, lumberjack shirts and duffle coats which often make up the uniform of cyclists on fashionable bikes.

“I too often see people cycling in dark clothes”, said Tacita Vero’, the bike mechanic leading On The Glo, “it is crucial to be seen on winter roads but most people dislike day-glow jackets, so I thought of creating something more versatile, pleasant to use during the day as well as at night. From my love of knitting, On The Glo was born.”

Those running along city parks, walking their dogs on country lanes or fetching their children from the swimming pool can benefit from reflective knitwear just as much: the fluffy, colourful beanie you wear for warmth in the morning adds extra protection at night by greatly increasing visibility.

On The Glo is based on retro-reflective technology: our yarn is spun with a special thread, which glows if you are illuminated by the headlights of a car or truck, reflecting back the light straight into the eyes of the driver.


Established in 2015, our social enterprise was born from Tacita, a girl mechanic of the Hackney Bike Workshop, London. After years of fixing people’s bikes, she realised that people needed a more congenial product to keep them visible in the dark than what is currently available, and settled on knitwear as the solution.

Believing that knitting is a craft, she created a product that is innovative and cutting edge, but also hand-knitted. Our knitters are a group of women from Ifugao, the rural Philippines. They belong to a community of organic rice farmers whose traditional purple rice terraces have been recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site: yet, endangered by commercial competition from foreign rice, many farmers are forced to emigrate, a process which breaks up families.

The initiative by On The Glo means that the income the women generate by knitting on their down time from the fields can guarantee a future to this community and to the rice fields themselves, which, if left untented, quickly get swallowed up irreversibly by nature.

On The Glo is a great win-win: it keeps road users safe on the road, while keeping a community alive.

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