NUVIZ Ride:HUD – heads up display for motorcycle helmets

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NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a retrofittable head-up display that attaches to the chin bar of the full-face helmet you already own. NUVIZ is a joint venture between wearable display technology leaders: San Diego-based HOLOEYE Systems and Washington DC-based APX Labs.

The core of Ride:HUD is a Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) Microdisplay-powered projection engine that creates a bright and contrast-rich image on the transparent combiner surface. From inside your helmet all you see is the transparent surface, which presents the information you want in the lower right corner of your field of view.

When looking at your instruments, your navigation system or handlebar-mounted smartphone, your eyes need to refocus from looking at the road to something at a much closer distance. Themajor advantage of Ride:HUD is that your eyes do not need to refocus when viewing through the display. The focal length of the image is set at the usual distance your eyes are focused at while riding. With Ride:HUD you’ll keep your eyes where they belong: on the road.

While on the bike, NUVIZ Ride:HUD is easily controlled with a Bluetooth-connected controller specifically designed for use with gloves. The controller can be mounted on your tank, handlebar or on the fork clamp using our mount kits.


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