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Nori Lights
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The Nori Lights can be applied to almost any bike. This kit is easy to install, and very effective. This should not be used to replace a forward or rear facing light. Instead, the Nori Lights are meant only to be used as an additional lighting system, drastically increasing side visibility.

This Nori Lights v.2 (Complete 2 Wheel System) consist of a set of 4 activating pods and 30 feet (7.5 feet for each side of two wheels) of our amazing Nori Light Stripes.

The pods easily mount onto your forks, facing inward towards the wheel. The Nori Lights Stripes are installed on your rims. If installing with rim brakes, make sure you have 6mm (or 1/4 inch) of side-rim surface that is not contacted by the brake pads. If needed, often times, adjustments can be made to how high or low the brake pad contacts the side of the rim. Whenever adjustments are made to the braking system, consult with the professionals at your local bike shop to ensure safe use and functionality of your bike and it’s components.

As the wheel rotates, the Nori Light Stripes continuously pass by the pods which provide wireless power to the Nori Light Stripes, causing them to instantly light up and create an unbelievably bright and solid ring of light emitting from both sides of both wheels.

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