New Yamaha XSR900 Takes Faster Sons to the Next Level

Yamaha XSR900

The Faster Sons Philosophy

Yamaha’s ‘Faster Sons’ philosophy continues to grow; tipping its hat in respect to the bikes that came before, whilst showing pride in the faster sons of today and tomorrow.

The Sport Heritage bike building philosophy pushed the boundaries of motorcycle technology earlier this year, bringing Faster Sons to life with the XSR700. The cool, retro styled street bike paid tribute to the iconic Yamaha XS650 on the surface whilst showcasing the latest in Yamaha technology under the skin to deliver timeless style with an involved, emotional riding experience.

Yamaha continues to evolve its Sport Heritage range, never standing still. Now a new chapter has arrived with the second model that lives and breathes the Faster Sons philosophy, the all-new XSR900.

The Shinya Kimura collaboration with Yamaha saw the Faster Sons philosophy realized and confirmed with the ‘Faster Son’, influencing the development of the XSR700. The XSR900 shares a similar story, continuing to develop the Faster Sons story through collaboration with iconic builders. It was Roland Sands’ stunning triple concept, the ‘Faster Wasp’ launched earlier this month that further validated the philosophy. The concept shone with classic retro style blended with cutting edge technology and a strong race influence, inspiring the concept of the XSR900.

Design Inspiration

Building on the success of the XSR700, The all-new XSR900 steps up to join the Sport Heritage range, again paying tribute to the iconic motorcycles of Yamaha’s past, including the first 4-stroke model,

The simple, timeless styling of the XSR900 is perfectly blended with colour schemes and graphics to reflect Yamaha’s sporty DNA, its history and its iconic motorcycles of the past. Beneath the retro inspired exterior lies the latest and best of Yamaha’s technology, promising a true emotional riding experience.

The XSR900 delivers on its authentic feel with minimal use of plastic resin parts, instead offering high quality components to reward the senses. A 14-litre fuel tank with aluminium covers takes centre stage ahead of a split level stitched seat and is complimented by front and rear aluminium fenders, aluminium side covers and a sporty aluminium headlight stay. A matt black exhaust system with contrasting polished muffler end cap provides a throaty soundtrack to any riding adventure.

The Ride

The XSR900 has the ‘Go’ to match the ‘Show’ with a powerful in-line 3-cylinder 850cc Crossplane Concept engine. The liquid-cooled 4-stroke motor benefits from some of the latest bike technology to deliver an unparalleled riding experience, including a Traction Control System (TCS) and an Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch.

The TCS is fully adjustable with three performance modes depending on the road conditions. Riders can opt for minimal or maximal intervention and can also switch the system off completely when appropriate to do so.

The A&S clutch adds another level to rider enjoyment, providing more comfort through a gentler machine motion resulting from back torque when downshifting through the gears. It also creates a lighter clutch feel, inspiring more confidence when starting off and also coming to a stop, particularly when riding in the city.

To reach the full potential of the powerful and involving engine and technology package requires a chassis set up to match, and the XSR900 doesn’t disappoint. A lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame cradles the heart of the machine whilst the swingarm’s pivot is attached to the outside of the frame, creating a narrower, slimmer area around the feet. The end results deliver a foot position on par with an inline 2-cylinder motorcycle.

Keeping the ride under control and offering even more input for the rider are the front and rear suspension setups. 41mm upside down forks at the front and a linked-type Monocross rear with shock unit are taken from the class leading Yamaha MT-09, and given specific setting changes for the XSR900. Rebound damping is adjustable at the front and preload and rebound damping at the rear, giving total control.

The carefully thought out and designed engine and chassis package, mixed with cutting edge electronics means the XSR900 has everything to offer riders who already have a base set of riding skills and are maybe ready to step up from an entry level sport bike. The new Sport Heritage machine is also the perfect choice for those who appreciate the real fun of riding motorcycles and who take the design and style of their machines seriously. The icing on the cake for total control comes in the form of Yamaha’s D-MODE selection system, allowing the selection of engine character to suit the riding conditions. Riders can switch between sharper response characteristics and a milder, gentler setting with easier-to-use power for more challenging road conditions.


  • Stitched two-level seat seat
  • Aluminium retro fuel tank covers
  • Aluminium front and rear fenders
  • Aluminium headlight stay
  • Round front and rear headlight and taillight
  • Round rear muffler end cap
  • Wide range of customization accessories

Chassis highlights

  • Lightweight frame with CF die-cast aluminium parts
  • Adjustable 41mm upside-down forks
  • Adjustable linked-type Monocross rear shock system
  • Pivot assembly outside of frame for narrower foot position
  • Standard with ABS
  • TCS – Traction control system
  • Assistant & Slipper Clutch – for enhanced rider enjoyment

Engine highlights

  • 850cc inline 3-cylinder engine
  • Crossplane Concept engine design philosophy
  • Deep linear torque
  • 270-degree crank for strong acceleration and traction
  • Smooth, exciting power delivery to high rpm
  • Yamaha D-MODE engine power control


Giving riders the opportunity to express their individual personal touch on the bike is one of the most important values for Yamaha’s Sport Heritage range motorcycles. The XSR900 stays true to this vision and has been cleverly designed with a clean structure that encourages modification and customization. The retro style accentuates the high quality materials used to create the authentic feel of the machine.

To offer maximum personalization possibilities for every rider a very wide range of XSR900 accessories will become available from the genuine options catalogue. This ensures owners can take the look of their ride even further and take advantage of the easily customizable nature of the bike to personalize their machines. In addition, several globally famous professional custom builders who have already proved their dedication to the Sport Heritage range with a number of cool custom builds will be producing “Yard Built” custom bolt on parts for the XSR900, which will be introduced shortly.


To make sure riders can fully immerse themselves in the scene, Yamaha has also created a full ‘Faster Sons’ apparel range. The range includes super cool leather riding jackets, Sport Heritage gloves and helmets and a host of other items of clothing perfect for both a Sunday morning ride out for coffee or an adrenaline fuelled trip to the 1/8 mile race strip at the famous Glemseck 101 event in Germany.


  • 60th Anniversary
  • Matt Grey
  • Rock Slate


  • February 2016

Post source : Yamaha Motor Europe

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