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The Monkey Light Pro creates stunning images and animations within a bicycle wheel. Once you’re rolling the display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides. The Monkey Light Pro is waterproof and durable, and is designed for use on city streets. Display images and animations on your bike wheel. Download your own graphics to the Monkey Light Pro and show them while you ride.

Mount the Monkey Light Pro to your bike wheel and take your message to the streets.

The Monkey Light Pro was successfully funded on Kickstarter. It’s now in stock and available for anyone to purchase. Earlier prototypes of the Monkey Light Pro were custom made for exhibits and developers only – you may have seen one at Maker Faire, Siggraph, Dragon’s Den, EuroBike, SXSW or at a museum.

Download images and animations to the Monkey Light Pro and display them while you ride. Use our Mac OSX or iOS applications to create a playlist with your own graphics, or choose from our collection of custom artwork. Then wirelessly send your playlist to the Monkey Light Pro.

Monkey Light Pro spec


  • 256 full color LEDs, 2500 Lumen brightness
  • Full color circular display, 73 pixel diameter
  • Download your own images and animations
  • Easy to use Mac, iPad and iPhone apps
  • Pre-loaded with custom artwork
  • Bluetooth wireless download and control
  • Create playlists of images and animations
  • Sensor stabilized display, fills the wheel from 15-65 km/h (10-40 mph)
  • Double-sided display, wide angle visibility
  • IP55 Waterproof for use in all weather
  • Durable solid rubber construction
  • Keeps wheel balanced
  • Vibration proof mount, bolts to wheel
  • Fits 26″ and larger bike wheels. Maximum hub diameter 54mm
  • Built-in lithium rechargeable battery
  • Battery Runtime: 4-12 hours (depends on graphics)
  • Completely contained within the bike wheel
  • Developer SDK for custom applications
  • Made in California USA


  • OS X and iOS playlist creation
  • Developer tools and API: runs on Mac and Linux
  • Media format support: JPG, GIF, PNG, AVI, MPEG, MOV, QT, FLV, and more.
  • On-board media storage: 2000 frames
  • Playlist capabilities: Loop, time and sequence frames for infinite possibilities
  • Visibility – Evening, overcast and indoors. Not visible in direct sunlight
  • Integrated battery: 7000mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable
  • Colors: 4096
  • Size: 520mm diameter, 25mm thick, 54mm center hole
  • Weight:  720g, even balance
  • Wheel fit:  26″, 700c, 29″. Maximum hub diameter 54mm.
  • Temperature: -10C to 45C

Monkey Light Pro – Installation

00:04 parts
00:09 pre-assembly
01:53 locating the buttons
02:05 charging the battery
02:33 setting test pattern
03:06 setting rainbow pattern
03:19 setting brightness
03:37 installing on a bike wheel
06:55 nuts and washers
10:24 attaching the tips to spokes
13:40 attaching to the hub
17:26 optional – glue hub spacers
18:42 attaching magnet block to bike
21:22 check magnet sensors
22:24 setting Heads-Up

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