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The most important thing that helmets are supposed to do is keep our head in one piece. But, in this modern age, we allow ourselves to ask a little bit more of every item out there. It’s the same with helmets too. Well, Mohawk by Fusar is a system that’ll make any helmet a smart helmet. Attach Mohawk to your favorite helmet and it’ll provide you with an action camera, communication system, activity tracker, emergency response and a navigation unit.

a Mohawk by Fusar

b Mohawk by Fusar
Mohawk will provide you with HD photos and videos that you can upload instantly to your social media.

Besides the mentioned features, this smart helmet system has also a black box, a music player and it’s equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Mohawk system is designed and created by extreme sports lovers who simply wanted a better gadget in order to record their crazy adventures.

The camera captures images and records videos in HD quality. The list of features doesn’t stop there, this advanced smart system will also provide you with Wi-Fi and GPS.

Fusar Mohawk has an inbuilt crash detection algorithm that will always distinguish the difference between a small bump on the road and a more serious threat. In that way, Mohawk will keep you safe and alert at all times. The whole package includes one Mohawk, one Bluetooth remote control, one action camera mount, one micro USB charger and one F7 Bluetooth headset.

c Mohawk by Fusar
It can easily be mounted on the top and on the side of your favorite helmet.

Mohawk is built in a way that you can easily attach it to your helmet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a motorcycle helmet, a cycling helmet, a mountain climbing helmet or any other helmet out there, the Mohawk has a simple mechanism that will allow you to easily attach it on the top or on the side of your helmet.

It has an aerodynamic design so you won’t even notice it during your adventures. It can be attached to various helmets and its stability is guaranteed.

The camera on the front has a 180 degrees rotating lenses and a 140-degree field of view. Since there are no screens on the Mohawk, the content you get from the 12MP camera is controlled via Fusar app on your smartphone. It also has a “HotShot” feature which will instantly upload your videos and images to any social media so you can share your adventure with everyone.

d Mohawk by Fusar
Bluetooth remote controller can be put on your wrist or on a handlebar of your vehicle.

Bluetooth remote controller allows you to access the camera without having to raise your hand above your head in order to push some button that you can’t even see. This controller can be placed on your wrist or on a handlebar of your vehicle. In that way, you can control the Mohawk and still be focused on the road ahead.

In the case of an accident, the BlackBox feature will save last two minutes of video, audio, information about speed and travel direction. This will allow thorough investigation after the accident, but we really hope that there will be no need for this option.

Mohawk by Fusar has an external memory capacity of 64 GB and its battery can last between 2-4 hours, depending what features you are using. This waterproof device can be charged even while you’re using it and it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge it. This system is going to be a game changer when it comes to extreme sports and you have a chance to be a part of that.

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