Maria Herrera, girl in a hurry

a Maria Herrera

Husqvarna rider Maria Herrera can hardly wait to be riding right up front in the Moto3 World Championship. However there is the need for one or other lessons to be learned by her male competitors.

It was at the Grand Prix in Assen few weeks ago that Maria Herrera got the feeling that some of the boys around her were making it difficult. And this was with the 18-year-old girl who – at least occasionally – rides faster than they do.

Herrera had just nudged her way past Niccolò Antonelli and that was a move that did not sit well with the Italian. No, not Herrera! Please! Antonelli went so far as to counterattack but his braking point was way beyond good and evil. He made contact with Herrera – and she crashed off the track. It was an abrupt end to Herrera’s by far best appearance in her debut season in the motorcycle World Championship. But instead of place eight, she ended in the gravel.

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