LightMode Helmet

LightMode Helmet

Transform your plain old motorcycle helmet into a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet with superior visibility.

LightMode specializes in optimizing motorcycle helmet visibility by fixing electroluminescent materials to them without compromising the structural integrity of the helmet. There’s hardly any additional weight to your helmet, a single charge can last for months, it turns on with the push of a button, it improves rider safety, and up until now, has never been released in the market. LightMode helmets are also unique and downright cool.

For riders, getting noticed is not just about the ego boost, it’s also about safety. Motorcycles are roughly 1/6th the size of a 4-door sedan. That translates to a significant reduction in visibility which every rider, and rider’s family, has to accept. LightMode helmets help riders become more visible in night settings by illuminating the highest point of the rider: their helmet. You haven’t experienced attention until you have worn a LightMode helmet at night.

A LightMode helmet is a helmet that has been modified using a LightMode kit. Each LightMode kit uses electroluminescent (EL) materials that surround one’s helmet in true 360° fashion. It is powered by a small controller that has three mode selections: constant glow, slow blink, and fast blink. The controller easily attaches to either side of one’s helmet using a curved adhesive mount. It runs on two AA batteries lasting 9-13 hours on a single charge.

The EL materials are permanently fixed to the helmet with a special combination of adhesives which form a strong, permanent bond to ensure they do not fly off at high speeds.

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