Leg&Go – Everything a first bike should be!

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The wooden Leg&Go through 8 modifications teaches walking, balancing and pedaling to children of 8 months to 6 years! Allow your child a ride without worries because Leg&Go is designed to provide maximum safety on any terrain under any conditions.

Leg&Go can be adjusted in multiple ways, such as steering wheel height & slope, height of the arm that the saddle mounts to, position of saddle and the wheel base.

Children grow up too fast; the Leg&Go bike allows for many adjustments and versions to conform to a fast growing body. Leg&Go bikes grow with the children.

Steering limiter
The steering wheel can be turned at safe angles thus protecting child from unwanted sharp turns causing a fall. Older riders can remove steering limiter to increase steering angle and manoeuvrability.

Natural suspension
Unique design allows smoothing out the bumps in the road absorbing shock that can endanger your child’s health.

Bigger front wheel
On Leg&Go bike your child will truly control steering and take more precise angles avoiding obstacles on the road. Bigger wheel also contributes to smoothing out bumps.

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