Leaux racing trikes

c Leaux racing trikes
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Low like nothing you’ve ever seen. The craziest vehicle on 3 wheels (ever!) Fast turns and 360’s are only the beginning!

Leaux Racing Trikes puts riders in control of all three wheels. A minimalist design of a seat, 3 wheels, handlebars, and a wheel lock comprise the major components of the Leaux Racing Trike. Leaux Racing Trikes allows users to experience the world just 5 inches off the ground.

“We launched our custom trikes on Kickstarter in early 2013 (under the name “Onda Cycle”) hoping that enough people would share our vision and support us in making the first batch. The response was overwhelming and we raised 311% of our original goal (!) We finished those orders in late 2013. Now, under our new name, Leaux Racing Trikes, we’re bring these three-wheel, spinning machines to the public.”

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