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LaneSight® allows you to “Detect. Alert. Avoid. Record.” No other singular device on the market offers all of these features. With LaneSight you can ride with piece of mind knowing “We’ve got your back”.

The LaneSight® Android phone APP (iPhone version in development) is connected to the camera/taillights/ultrasonic distance sensor unit via a microUSB cord. As you are riding, the rear camera scans the road. The APP, using “Computer Vision” technology (similar to active collision avoidance technology now in many cars), can see and detect any automobile as it approaches, and even measure and display its distance away from you. Your Android phone can be mounted to your handlebar and be used with audible and visual alerts.

Once a vehicle is detected, the system sends a flashing alert to the vehicle behind you from the taillights. This flashing alert alternates between red and white LEDs the help insure the driver sees you. Simultaneously, the system sends an audible and visual alert to you on your Android phone, so that you also know that the vehicle is approaching.


As the vehicle gets closer, the system continues to track it and the alerts increase in frequency. This increase in alert frequency helps the driver better notice that you are there, and alerts you that the vehicle is getting closer. This gives you plenty of time to move over. If for some reason the vehicle is unusually close to the shoulder or bike lane and may possibly hit you (the system carefully judges distances and can warn you of these situations) the alert system flashes at it’s fastest speed, urging the driver to move over and urging you to quickly get as far over as possible.

Since you had an early warning to move over, it is highly unlikely these types of close calls will happen. But if they do, the APP records the video footage on to your phones memory card. The APP only records these types of situations so there is no need to sort through hours of footage to find what happened. Since the footage is stored on your phone it makes it easy to show to authorities, email to them or even share your footage on social media to warn other riders of dangerous drivers and locations.

In addition to recording video (in close call instances) the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor measures the lateral distance from vehicles in inches as they pass your bicycle, and the APP records it. This provides you with extra proof of dangerous drivers should you need it.

1. ANDROID APP (iPhone version in development)
• Scans the road using “Computer Vision” technology
• Detects all vehicles approaching from behind
• Alerts YOU of their presence with visual, audible and/or vibration alerts
• Alerts DRIVERS behind you with flashing alerts on tail light
• These alerts INCREASE in frequency as the vehicle gets closer
• APP automatically records video when vehicles come too close

• High quality “Computer Vision” video camera

• Measures and displays the lateral distance from vehicles in inches as they pass your bicycle
• Records this information in conjunction with recorded video

• Two high power 2 watt LEDs (1 white and 1 red)
• Flashes alerts to DRIVERS behind you
• Flashing alerts alternate between white and red
• Flashing alerts increase in frequency as the vehicle gets closer
• These points combine to give you MAXIMUM VISIBILITY

• Connect to any Android phone with Micro USB cord (included)
• Charge easily with Micro USB cord (included)
• Enjoy HOURS OF RIDING with our Li-ion battery

What type of rider is the LaneSight® system best suited for? The answer is simple, YOU.
The LaneSight® system is perfect for all types of cycling. Be it recreational riding, family riding, touring, or training for competitive cycling, LaneSight® can be used to make any type of riding safer.

• Patented vehicle detection and warning system (made up of the Android smart phone APP and camera/taillights/ultrasonic distance sensor unit)
• Android smart phone APP (system requirements: 4.4 jelly bean or higher)
• Inconspicuous “Computer Vision” video camera
• Ultrasonic distance sensor
• 2 powerful 2 watt led taillights (one white and one red) – Lights alternate from red to white to increase rider visibility to approaching vehicles
– Flash rate of lights increases in frequency as vehicles get closer to help insure you are noticed
• USB cord to connect to phone (includes zip ties for mounting)
• USB rechargeable li-ion battery
• USB cord for charging
• Seat post mounting bracket with adapters to fit various seat post sizes and shapes
• Weather-proof

Note: LaneSight® is intended for day riding only. The system is not currently adapted to night riding as it depends on ambient light. We have plans to add low power radar sensing in future versions which will enhance the daytime tracking system and also work at night. Stay tuned! In the meantime, the light on this current version can be switched to taillight only mode for night time riding, and with 2 powerful 2 watt lights it makes it one of the most visible taillights on the market.

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