Janapar: Love on a bike


Four years, four continents a man on a bicycle – and a girl. Tom from England travelled to over 40 countries on 4 continents on his bike.

It’s an old-fashioned adventure story and a human tale of romance in one; non-fictional yet with the narrative drive of a thriller. And, as the narrator discovers during the course of the book, it doesn’t get much more dramatic than real life.

Sometimes the hardest part of a journey is knowing when it’s over. This is a human tale on two wheels, challenging, unpredictable and meandering. Find out more about Tom’s adventures on tomsbiketrip.com

When twenty-three-year-old Tom Allen and his friends set off from their English village to cycle around the world, they were expecting physical hardship, extreme conditions and a serious case of culture shock. But the hours spent poring over maps and arranging sponsorship could never have prepared them for the experience of life on the road: the petty squabbles, the extreme hospitality, the unexpected joys and dangers.

And then Tom meets Tenny, a feisty Iranian-Armenian girl with dreams of her own, and hits a crossroad. Should he give up his grand plan for the girl he loves, or cycle off and risk missing out on the greatest adventure of them all?

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