iPUMP – the lightest air pump ever invented

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Carbon fiber body, Presta connector for bicycle riders. 21 grams that can save your life! Cogito Ero Sum– that latin term that means thinking about something proves you exist.

To Morris Ostrow, it seemed as if Cyclists needed a pump that was light, strong, compact, aerodynamic, user friendly, impenetrable to high air pressures, durable, ergonomic and easy to store. And never worry about getting your finger pinched while you are pumping up!

The iPump Micro is constructed with a carbon fiber housing, creating the greatest possible air chamber capacity, while minimizing weight and maximizing strength.

iPump Micro also includes sliding flexible nylon hose for providing flexible connection to Presta (FV) / Schrader (AV) air valves. The Schrader adapter will be shipped with the iPUMP.

Is it possible to use with Dunlop valve? Yes, its possible to use with both Dunlop and Schrader valves. iPUMP is made specifically for Dunlop type air valves but with the adopter, which is included with each iPUMP, you can easily inflate the Schrader valve as well.

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iPUMP micro

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